A better S2 viewer

I’m excited to share my new S2 Viewer! After struggling with all of the others (and the best one from Sidewalk Labs being taken down) it was clear I needed to make my own.

Left click to select a cell. The level is based on your zoom, or use the drop-down in the top right to lock a level. To see information about a selected cell, right click on it. You can also paste in a list of cells (like 5490ce5,5490d1f,5490cdd) and it will display them on the map. And it also supports z/x/y tiles!

This works by transpiling the Java S2 library with j2cl. While GWT had its problems, the core idea was fantastic and j2cl takes all of the good and none(-ish) of the bad. You can see the implementation in my repository.